Candle Care

How do I light my wood wick?

These are untreated cherry wood wicks, so they take a bit to start, just like starting a fire! Trim the wick to 0.2 inches (5mm) above the wax and leave the light on it for about 15-20 seconds (BBQ lighter works best), let it burn for 2 hours the first time to avoid tunnelling in the candle and remove burnt pieces before re-lighting. Enjoy the crackle!

Where can I smell the candles?

I try my best to be at every local Crowsnest Pass market (stay tuned on my social media - instagram and facebook to know when and where). Silver Jay Candles are currently in stores at The Nest in Pincher Creek, Freyja Boutique in Fernie, BC, Little Red Barn in Red Deer.

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